Friday, December 20, 2013

Red Heart Rum presents Fokofpolisiekar

Fokofpolisiekar at Arcade Empire.

Chase and I were commissioned to do some stills and video of one of Fokof's tour shows at Arcade Empire this month for Red Heart Rum. 
It's always amazing shooting Fokof, the huge crowd was mad and Fokof are always balls to the walls. Besides there being a media pit / crowd barrier and a douche photographer with no stage etiquette, it was a killer show. 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunday Jamz

Sunday fun time jamz in Soweto.

Paint by the Killer Wale.

copyright 2013

Chapters and Lets Get Wrecked

It was one of Facing the Gallows -Chapters album launch shows this last Saturday at Arcade Empire and I decided to get some stage shots. Free show, party people, binnets, Monster, music and ambulances.
Newtown Knife Gang
Facing the Gallows

More photos from the show on the Voyagers website

copyright 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Free Show


Free Show at the Buck 'n Hog Emmarentia JHB.

Japan and I
Make Overs

Chase had the idea of shooting the show using wireless speedlights, I couldn't resist shooting either. We managed to get two cool looks where I shot with two speedlights, one on each side and chase shot with his pop-up as a fill and one of the speedlights either as a key or back light. 
I shot on a DX 35mm and Chase shot on a super wide.
I'll post a link to his rad wide angles soon!

copyright mikebellphotography 2013